WasteBuild Amsterdam 2019

Some call us frontrunner, we tend to consider ourselves ambitious, curious and concerned. As we are in a transition from linear to circular, we need time. We have already established the data and LCA (life cycle analysis) for both the Jansen and Skellet products. They have proven to be the most sustainable in their respective fields. As the reuse potential of steel is excellent, we will focus on business models that offer a good return on investment as well as maximum benefits on CO2 savings. But selling a product to a consumer is not the goal if you want to be relevant in the circular economy. We will develop into a service provider and operate as a CESCO (circular economy service company).

Visit us at the WasteBuild where we join panel discussions with inspirational “thinkers and doers” and come and have a look at the showcase we exhibit. Click HERE for a free entrance ticket!

To attend the Conference, you must upgrade to a Conference pass (from €300).