Easy ordering of window hardware

The new structure has been designed based on the window fittings for the Janisol, Janisol HI and Jansen Economy 50 steel systems. An article number is calculated for the required fittings type based on the window size. Technical parameters, such as weight and side ratios, are also taken into consideration and thereby set the restrictions within the standard product range.

A new feature is that the complete fitting not only contains the individual components of the fittings; the fittings documentation for fixing to the profile is also included. This saves time on additionally selecting another article.

The complete fittings are packed by means of the «skinning» method, which has been newly introduced at Jansen. All individual components are set out clearly and in the same format on a document which is attached to the box by a film. An insert is also enclosed, which gives an overview of the required drilling aids (article numbers) for the selected fittings type, as well as the drilling position to be used.

Furthermore, an overview of the individual fittings components for the frame and window vent is included. More detailed information can be found in the fabrication and installation guidelines for the respective steel system.

Two types of fitting are available:
• Standard window fitting
Surface-mounted fitting for operation with one hand, for side-hung, turn/tilt, double-vent and bottom-hung windows
• Concealed window fitting
Fitting for operation with one hand, for side-hung, turn/tilt and double-vent windows