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Residence Ukkel, Belgium


 This house was renovated in Ukkel for both the front and the rear was chosen for a new façade. For the front-façade there Janisol windows has been used. When redecorating the rear it used both as a Janisol windows as the Janisol folding screen of up to 5.4 meters high!

Applied products:

> Janisol windows
> Folding doors


AB_Pro_Privewoning_Ukkel_YY_architecture_Janisol_vouwdeuren (1)

AB_Pro_Privewoning_Ukkel_YY_architecture_Janisol_vouwdeuren (3)

AB_PRO_woning te Ukkel vouwdeuren YLF-4239_0_1

AB_PRO_woning te Ukkel vouwdeuren YLF-4315

AB_PRO_woning te Ukkel vouwdeuren YLF-4254

AB_Pro_Privewoning_Ukkel_YY_architecture_Janisol_vouwdeuren (2)

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