ROTTON-OT Theater-0343

OT Theather Rotterdam, Netherlands



Construction of the theater OT Rotterdam

The existing building of the Independent Theatre was expanded with the construction of a "flat floor" auditorium with 180 seats and a visitors' lobby. The principle of a "building within a building" is used to create an open and flexible theater technology and facilities outside the room. The hall is very flexible because the area around the venue as well as backstage as a public space can be arranged. Construction and stagecraft outside are made visible to "make theater" to expose, while technology inside the wooden theater as much as possible is absent. The seemingly simple box shape of this theater design is expressive means of layering and lighting effects, which do effect the lighting within the building during the day and evening always different.

Applied products:

VISS Facades 
Janisol Doors

ROTTON-OT Theater-0343


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