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Erasmus Pavilion, Rotterdam




The new Erasmus University Rotterdam Student Center (pavilion) is located at the heart of a new master plan for the University area. Designed in combination with De Zwarte Hond, it is set to become a vibrant and central meeting point on the campus where research meets business and science meets culture. Sustainability, usability, transparency, and intimacy are the main objectives for the design of the Student Center. A façade that is transparent on all sides played an essential role within this context that needed to ensure that the public programme within the building fitted in seamlessly with the new campus site and that the special interior revealed itself to the outside during the evening.

Selecting an ODS/Jansen façade ensured that maximum transparency was possible through slim sections as the rear structure and, at the same time, an energy-efficient façade was put in place because 3-layer glazing was used. In addition, the uniquely produced slats could be fixed without an additional structural rear structure because a steel façade structure was used.

We managed to make the dazzling icon a fact for Erasmus University with the ODS/Jansen VISS Facades.

Applied products:

> Janisol doors
> Janisol folding walls 
> Economy 60 EW60 doors

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