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Building for bridge operation "Steekterpoort"




Sustainable Bridge operation Centre, Alphen aan de Rijn.
The province of South Holland in the location Steekterweg 99 in Alphen, achieved the most durable bridge control center of whole Europe. An ambition that is not expressed but is also translated to the program requirements. Client and architect showed this ambition throughout the process of designing scenery, buildings, interiors, and custom furniture, to be able to hold the execution. For the realisation Jansen VISS TVS en Janisol profile has been used.

The building is part of an ecologically equipped area that has a very public character. It is designed according to the Trias Energetica model supplemented with specific sustainability methodology 'spatial energy design' Blok Kats van Veen architects (BKVV). The building is energy neutral with a very low energy consumption.

Applied products:

Janisol Doors

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