Economy 60, finger save doors

Semi-circular profiles for more safety!

Anti-finger-trap doors – Safety and design perfectly combined. The rounded half profiles minimise the risk of injury at the secondary
closing edge. This can prevent crushing and shearing points as per DIN 18650. With maintenance-free, high-performance pivot hinges,
Jansen-Economy 60 anti-finger-trap doors are particularly suitable for buildings frequently used by the public, e.g. shopping centres, schools or hospitals. Jansen-Economy 60 anti-finger-trap doors meet the product standard EN 14351-1 for external doors and are CE certified. The anti-finger-trap doors are compatible with the Janisol and Jansen-Economy 60 range of profiles. Integrated door closers
and automatic side-hung door drives can also be installed.

AB b eco60 fingerschutz